What You Should Think About For Remote Work

It is predicted that 50% of the work force will be remote in the next 10 years. With the change in technology, it’s easier to bring your work home or across the world. You’re able to take conference calls, communicate through Slack and manage team tasks through Trello or Asana. With the flexibility in today’s technology, there’s endless possibilities on where you can be and how you work.

Traveling the World

It’s such a magical thing to be able to wake up each morning in a new and exciting place. Never having to be anchored down to one city for too long. One of my favorite experiences was backpacking Europe while managing a team of editors. All I needed was my laptop and a hard drive.

I typically spent my mornings, down times and occasional evenings reviewing and editing videos. There is a large shift in giving team members the autonomy to complete tasks rather than just drive the hours worked. This increases productivity and the employee’s overall satisfaction with their work.

Flexibility to Work From Home

If you’re a parent to young children, it can seem impossible to juggle both work and parenting. Waking up early as the kids rise all the way to putting them to bed takes a lot of effort and time. Add in a full time job and you’ll find yourself debating back and forth between staying at home or hiring childcare.

The ability to work remotely lets you ease the transition from parenting to work. You get flexibility for scheduling appointments and taking the kids to school. This isn’t a full solution though as it is a difficult task to transition between two extremely different tasks. Finding the space and time to work can also be difficult, as seen with this viral video of a dad on a BBC call when his two kids crash the interview.

No Commute Times

When you’re able to work when and where you want, you end up saving a lot of time. You can choose when you want to leave to work or take meetings which means you don’t have to compete with everyone else to get to work by 8am. I’ve broken my days up to meeting days and work days. This means that the extra time it takes to get ready for the day is confined to specific days of the week. Although it may seem only a couple of days a week, it can add up to a lot of lost time especially if you’re already juggling a busy schedule.

Deliberate About Your Community

As mentioned previous articles, working from home can often times be very lonely. As a remote worker, you’ll have to be deliberate about creating your community. Coworking spaces are a great alternative. You tend to be more productive and can choose to be social whenever you want. It can be hard to make the transition to working at home or getting back in the workplace. Coworking spaces let you take it at your own pace.



Top Austin Coworking Events for the Holidays

With the holidays around the corner, everyone’s social calendars are filling up. Make sure you don’t miss these fun events at these local coworking spaces around town!

Hallie Rae Ward on East Austin Studio Tour (location #183) @Createscape Coworking | November 17th, 2018 |11am-6pm

This will be my 5th year to show with them! They are an incredible coworking space full of creative and friendly people. They are very supportive of the arts! They have different space options to fit your needs! “Work better. Get out of the house and away from that packed coffee shop. There’s a smarter way to create.”

Dadageek Student Showcase @Atmosphere Coworking | November 24th, 2018 | 6pm-9pm 

Join dadageek for an evening of digital artwork, music technology, and performances created by students from our Fall 2018 classes. Our students have spent weeks exploring tech-art subjects ranging from analog synthesizer design to creative coding and will be presenting their creations for the public to experience, listen to, and interact with. This showcase will feature the many facets of dadageek, including handmade analog synthesizers, interactive video installations, and new media performances.

Breakfast at Duo Works | November 27th, 2018 | 8:30am-10am

Enjoy complimentary coffee, breakfast tacos, tea, and great conversation. Come and check out our coworking, office, and event space! Network with other small business leaders and connect!

Founders Live Austin @Capital Factory | November 28th, 2018 | 6pm-9pm

Founders Live is an unforgettable happy hour competition sweeping the country where up to five handpicked companies take the hot seat, with only 99 seconds to pitch their company and describe their value proposition in front of an eager audience. After the pitches and audience Q&A, the crowd will vote on a winner who will not only receive an award, but recognition from the crowd and also the opportunity to talk more about their product or service. Bring your friends and coworkers, grab some food and drink, get to know your local entrepreneurs and vote for what you think will be the next big thing… built in Austin.

Open House at The Center of Social Innovation Center | November 30th, 2018 | 2pm-5pm

You’re invited to explore The Center for Social Innovation on November 30th as we opening the doors to the public and share the incredible work being done at our 10-acre campus! Come meet the faces of innovation during our interactive open house. You’ll also get a sneak peek at Relay Coworking, the future home of innovation in Austin!

Pirate Republic Presented By MegaGame Texas @Orange Coworking | December 1st, 2018 | 9:30am-5pm

A MegaGame is a day-long event where dozens of players come together to all play the same story in the same game. It is a unique blend of role-playing, board gaming, diplomacy, and deduction, all done live, offline, and in-person. Games include dealing with the appearance of aliens, overthrowing a powerful emperor, defending a city against zombies, and establishing a pirate government.

FoundingAustin Release Party: Founders, Football & Filanthropy @Work Well | December 2nd, 2018 | 2pm-6pm

The countdown is on to foundingAUSTIN’s Release Party for Issues 8 + 9! Get ready for game time because we’re kicking off the giving season with double the fun, releasing two issues of the magazine.

Join us to celebrate on a Sunday afternoon full of complimentary food from Pluckers, drinks courtesy of Bogart’s Spirits, football on the big screen, musical guests Reed Turner & Courtney Santana and so much more at Work Well Coworking on December 2 from 2:00-6:00pm.