Atmosphere Coworking: All About The Vibes

Lately I’ve been avoiding coworking spaces and going mostly to coffee shops. The main reasoning for this was that I just needed to get work done and wasn’t feel the most social. My mood changes seasonally so you’ll likely find me at a coworking spot sooner or later. This time around I decided to pop in at Atmosphere. They’re a close knit, community oriented coworking space on the East side.

The appeal of Atmosphere based on their core values is all about the atmosphere. Surprising? They talk about how you can work productively in a comfortable and engaging environment. People know each other’s names, things that happen in each other’s lives etc. It’s less about what amenities and layout that they have (which are also great) and more about the type of interactions you have with one another. When you have a positive atmosphere, it eliminates stress that would take away from your productivity.

The Atmosphere

I spent some time working at Atmosphere to get a feel for the space. When talking to Trent (the founder), I learned more about the type of community and vibe there. They’re a perfect place for small teams who can establish a strong company culture. The space is conducive to sharing thoughts and communicating with other companies as well as private areas that allow teams to buckle down and work directly within their company.

I found the common area easy to work at since most people are hard at work. If you needed help with something it was decently easy to find someone to help you. The massive glass walls help take you away from the typical corporate feel which is exactly what Trent was looking for.

Who Should Cowork Here?

The space aims to provide an engaging, comfortable and productive work environment. They do this by providing a partly open space at the center, private offices/conference rooms and permanent desks upstairs. Trent took his time to find a space that was expansive and open with great light. He didn’t want a cookie cutter building and nicely put it as, “new ideas are formed in old buildings.”

There’s several coworking spots popping up on East side but likely still not enough to service the growing number of remote workers. Atmosphere is great for freelancers who are already close by and don’t have to worry about parking. There is a larger parking lot just a block away but it does tend to fill up quickly.

Regardless of this, you’re also across the street from Counter Culture (one of my favorite vegan places in town), down the way from Juan in a Million and not even a 5 minute walk to Blue Owl Brewing. With such a killer location, I know if I coworked there I’d be spending all my time–breakfast, lunch and happy hour–at these local eateries and brewery.

Reset’s Founders Discuss the Creative Community and Relationship Building

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Coworking has more than made its mark in the world of innovation and technology. For founders, having the ability to collaborate with their team and others who are focusing on growing a successful business is valuable, as most would agree that in-person knowledge exchanges are priceless.

But coworking isn’t just for techies anymore. Creatives and entrepreneurs of all backgrounds find themselves attracted to coworking spaces due to the ability to meet other like-minded people, their future co-founders, and other potential team members. However, there are certain issues, such as a hefty price tag, that also comes with coworking.

With three locations in Austin including Nightcap on West Sixth, Tillery on East Cesar Chavez, L’Oca d’Oro in Mueller, and more on the way, Siri Chakka and Silva Gentchev, the founders of Reset, are working to make the experience of coworking affordable and comfortable for all.

BLNDED had the opportunity to speak with Chakka and Gentchev about how they launched the company, the challenges they’ve faced along the way, and how they look forward to growing their community in Austin and beyond.

Reset’s mission is to empower people to do their best work as freelancers, entrepreneurs, work-from-homers or restaurateurs. The idea was born when Chakka and Gentchev were having dinner at a beautiful restaurant in East Austin, lamenting about the fact there was no affordable, reliable, and social place to work in Austin and why they couldn’t work in a beautiful location such as the restaurant they were in. They decided to test their affordability theory by interviewing over 50 remote workers.

The duo quickly learned this was a widespread problem and decided to interview restaurateurs. After learning more about ever-rising rent costs, labor costs and other problems that plagued the local, independent restaurant industry, they decided to launch Reset.

While almost 50% of Americans work from home in some capacity, only a handful of places to work are available, so it can be a struggle to find a place to be productive. For those priced out the of the traditional co-working market ($300+/month for a floating desk), there is no affordable, reliable, and social solution available in Austin.

The US is also seeing a bursting of the restaurant bubble. 60% of restaurants go under in their first year, with the rate being even higher for local, independent restaurants. A restaurant’s two largest costs are rent and labor, both of which are on the rise in most major US cities, while revenue remains stagnant as consumers are not willing to spend more for food.

Reset solves two problems with one solution. By eliminating lease and build out costs, Reset creates coworking solutions that cost half the amount of traditional coworking, while also providing a passive stream of income to their restaurant partners.

Although both founders have successful and failed startups, they each continue to learn lessons as they grow Reset.  Chakka is originally from Chicago, where she studied engineering and practiced management consulting prior to moving to Austin to attend The University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business. She dabbled in product management at Amazon, was the Chief Strategy Officer for the B2B SaaS startup gameFI, and now consults for Private Equity firms on pre-M&A due diligence and post-M&A operational improvements.

Gentchev is originally from San Francisco, where she studied economics and was a B2B and B2C marketer for a variety of tech startups in the Bay Area. She also moved to Austin to attend McCombs which is how she met Chakka. Gentchev’s background includes retail management at Amazon and she is now a product manager at Dell. Both have decided to keep their full-time jobs in order to not take money out of Reset as it gets started. Although this gives more flexibility on the timeline and lets them make less risky decisions, it gets difficult to juggle two jobs.

Diversity is at the front of Chakka and Gentchev’s minds when it comes to building a team and programming. Giving everyone the same opportunities needed to succeed – regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation – is important to the Reset team.

Diversity in tech also means seeing people that look like you at all levels, more women and people of color in power, raising money, exiting, on boards, etc. We’re especially passionate about paying it forward as well, and helping other female entrepreneurs be successful however we can.

Speaking of female entrepreneurs, the Female Founders Austin Meetup has been a crutch for Chakka and Gentchev to lean on whenever they have a question, need words of encouragement, feedback, or just need to vent. Their group of friends from McCombs has also been invaluable, connecting them with their networks, helping them flyer the streets, and being models for Reset photoshoots.

Throughout this process, it was important for them to protect their friendship through this endeavor. Although friend time blends into work time, they make a cognizant effort to make separate time for both.

“We don’t know how we could’ve started Reset without each other. Finding a co-founder, an equal partner to burden the responsibilities and emotional ups and downs is so important before starting a business.”

Learn more about Reset by visiting their blogFacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn.

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Work and Woof: A Place For You and Your Dog

Living in Austin brings all the benefits of dog friendly places. A good majority of coworking spaces around town allow you to bring your dog along. I had a first hand experience bringing my great dane into Galvanize (where I was working at the time). There was also another dane there so I thought things would work out perfectly. That was until Bunny, my dane, decided he wanted to be vocal. If you haven’t heard danes bark yet, let me tell you, it’s a roar. Immediately everyone’s heads turned. No work was getting done. I was mortified! That the last time Bunny came with me to work. The whole day I was keeping an eye on him and could never really concentrate.

How Work and Woof Started

This is where Jill comes in. She’s the founder of Work and Woof which opened up June of 2018. It’s relatively new but already making some noise in the community. When Jill was working in Chicago a few years back, she found her love of coworking as a social media specialist. Eventually she moved to Austin and settled into East Austin but found the same problems as I did after she got her pup. After doing a few focus group interviews with other freelancers, Jill found that she wasn’t the only one who felt this way. This is what eventually led her to start Work and Woof.

What It’s Like Coworking


Every coworking space has it’s niche group and it’s quite obvious that Work and Woof specializes in pups. Therefore, most people aren’t fazed by the barking and dogs running around in the back. When I walked in, I was immediately greeted by Adrian at the front desk. He gave me a tour of the place and let me settle into a back room which had a view of their outdoor park. I was able to close the door if the barking was too loud.

I decided to take a stroll around and check out the rest of their amenities. The general area is an open space which allows for people to mingle and meet but still sections off to small spaces if you need to get work done. The kitchen has your essentials and opens up to the common area. You’ll also find a few phone booths that they’re working on to sound proof since it’s close to the open space area for the dogs.


Lastly, my favorite part of the whole concept was that I was able to watch or play (from the other side of the fence) with all the pups that were in. As any dog lover, your day is so much less stressful when you have a sweet pup waiting to be petted. You’ll also notice that there were several people working with the dogs to make sure they played nice and were entertained throughout the day.


One of the more popular things to do at Work and Woof is to attend their events. As dog experts, they throw great events and partner with vendors and retailers during the evenings and weekends. I also was thrilled to find out place is an open kennel (meaning the dogs can openly play with each other rather than be cooped up in their own room). This means the weekends tend to be more social with everyone bringing their pup to hang out and casually get some work done. They’re also BYOB so you can enjoy a slow Saturday afternoon while your dog socializes as well.

Who Should come

Majority of people who seek out a place like Work and Woof have been freelancers. They want a space to work but don’t want to leave their dog at home. You have peace of mind knowing your dog is taken care of. They’re not chewing on cords, peeing on the floors or anything else your dog may do or even not do but you have the anxiety that it may still happen! This doesn’t exclude companies though. Several of the offices can be rented out and easy for team to work from.

One of my favorite amenities at coworking spaces is free parking. Work and Woof is relatively new so you won’t be able to see the building from the street (they’re in the works of putting up the sign at the complex). There’s tons of parking and the coworking space is conveniently close to everything on South Congress.

Come bring your pup and check out Work and Woof the next time you want a place to get some work done!

How Austin Companies Choose to Work

With the progress of technology, there’s a lot of flexibility in how people work. There’s also a lot of great resources on how to support your remote team online like Inside 6q’s article. Trello’s company has a 100% remote team and has published lots of resources chronicling their journal.

We took a look at a few of Austin’s startups and asked them how their teams work and what went well and didn’t. It wasn’t surprising to see that many early to medium sized startups chose to have their teams work remotely or a hybrid.

Verma Media

Zachary Dash explains that Verma Media has 33 employees who are 100% remote. Some of the benefits to this is that it allows for a very low overhead which can be critical for startups. You’re also able to recruit unique talent across the world. Some of the obstacles that Dash has had with remote work is that communication systems have to be extremely focused. They also found that 5-10% of potential clients prefer we had a HQ. They decided to go this route because the industry seemed very open and encouraging of decentralized teams.

Redline Minds

Lori Appleman says “Our team is distributed though we do have an office. It is very rare to find everyone in it. I have managed as many as 72 people 100% remote. As long as you have people capable of collaborating as necessary and who are 100% reliable for hitting their mark, it is great. Not only are your office costs dramatically lower, but people view it as a job perk as they can better balance their personal life with work. However, if you people who need hand holding, aren’t reliable/responsible, or have a sense of entitlement, it will backfire in a big way. Some teams NEED to be face to face to GSD. So it is a factor of the type of work you do, and the people on your team. Remote also lets you hire globally, best of breed.”

Rocket Dollar

At Rocket Dollar, Chris Palmisano explains that “we have an office and everyone comes to work except remote sales people. We value the in person communication and ability to problem solve all day long with everyone in the same area. Around a dozen people.”


Jamie Fitch, the CEO of OnlineMedEd tells us that they started working remotely when they were small (less than 1M in revenue) and then moved to coworking as a transition. Now they are primarily in an office with 40 people. They chose an office because they felt meeting in person allows for better cross-team collaboration, more junior team members often need it, and mentoring is easier. Fitch explains, “I can also still recruit nationally (people love Austin), and coworkers bond at lunch / happy hour etc, which improves the culture of the company.”

What’s right for you

Every company is different and with so many different options today, you can choose what works and easily transition as you grow.

Coworking Space to Create, Work and Collaborate

With the holidays around the corner, everyone’s calendar is filled up and likely feeling socialed out. To my surprise, Createscape was truly a nice escape from the ordinary coworking space. Sometimes I find it to be a lot of work to start fresh at a coworking space but that wasn’t the case here. I immediately was greeted by a member and shown around.  Createscape felt very welcoming and was large enough to find an area to set up shop.

Why People Come


Createscape prides itself in being your neighborhood coworking space. It’s nestled in East Austin off Tillery street. If you haven’t ventured in this area yet, you’ll find lots of local owned restaurants and shops with it’s own unique Eastside charm. With so many coworking spaces to choose from, Createscape stands out in it’s affordability. The cofounders felt it was important to include a price point that was accessible to it’s community members. Many writers, filmmakers, new tech and people launching businesses on their own claim Createscape as their home.



There is a lot of stress when it comes to moving to a new area. Don’t let finding your community be one of them. Createscape creates a supportive community by offering several events a month. You can get to know other community members by attending their happy hours, brunches and game nights. It makes networking a lot more organic and easier to transition from “just work” conversations.



Since it’s inception in 2014, Createscape has expanded several times. It first started off MLK and Manor and within less than a year, expanded to the Tillery location. 2 years later they were able to open more offices into their Howdy room and within the last year expanded again. You can’t argue that this community is exploding!

Outside of having additional private offices and desks, the expansion also includes several community spaces. I always think the best way to meet new people is in the kitchen. Although Createscape does make it easier than other places to network, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to work at it. Some people can get discouraged joining a very social community but not make much progress in making friends. Make sure you get out to the events instead of staying in your own workspace.

Why you should come


As I’ve mentioned before, it’s really up to you on what you value in a work space. If you want an active community at an affordable price point, Createscape is your place. You’ll have plenty of parking available as it’s located in East Austin. Come grab a day pass, check out the space and join the community.

Network Like A Rockstar at Coworking Spaces

It may be intimidating to walk into a coworking space that has it’s own established community. When you’re busy building up your own business, it can be overwhelming to take on the task of networking. Here are some tips that will help you network like a rockstar.

Join Community Events

Most coworking  spaces have monthly if not weekly events for their members. For instance, Capital Factory has monthly happy hours for their new members and companies. You’ll have to do a bit of research to find the right space for you. Some coworking spaces are only for those who want an area to work and are less community driven. If you’re looking mainly to network, make sure to do your research for the coworking spaces with strong communities.

You can get your foot in the door quickly by attending several of their events. This allows for relationships building as well as quick intros to everyone. Most people are looking to get work done during work hours so it’ll be an easy way to not be too pushy when you first come in.

Meet Your Community Director

For those of you who are more introverted or couldn’t imagine jumping head first into a community event, schedule a one on one with the community director. These people are the pros at networking and connecting people. They’ll be able to quickly find the right people for you to meet and make that warm intro. Treat these people well as they’re a valuable resource in a coworking community.

Work In the Common Areas

It may make sense to get a dedicated desk if you have a lot of equipment that you don’t want to lug around with you all day but it also pays off to move around. A lot of my relationships I made early on were made in the kitchen of the coworking space. As I mentioned before, most people are there to work so it’s more appropriate to strike up a conversation with them during non work hours. It’s a lot easier to make small talk and almost expected. This is your first step in networking and eventually getting those meetings and referrals that you need.

Promote At Your Coworking Space

Nobody likes shameless self promotion which is why it’s wonderful when there’s a dedicated space for it! Many coworking spaces will have a place for you to put your card, company logo, flyers etc. If you’re a creator or maker, you can visit The Refinery to show off your goods in their display space. It attracts people window shopping in downtown as well as other members there.

Things to Avoid

It can be frustrating when you’re trying to turn in a project and you have your neighbor at work telling you about what happened last night. Knowing when to talk to people and when not to is a learned skill. It’s also a surefire way to get excluded from conversations if you get it wrong. Sometimes we aren’t sensitive to other people space in coworking areas which results in unwanted conversations. It can come off as too pushy or as a time suck to engage in conversation that people start to avoid you. Make sure to stick with recreational times like mentioned earlier or keeping your conversations brief if you can tell they’re in a rush.


What You Should Think About For Remote Work

It is predicted that 50% of the work force will be remote in the next 10 years. With the change in technology, it’s easier to bring your work home or across the world. You’re able to take conference calls, communicate through Slack and manage team tasks through Trello or Asana. With the flexibility in today’s technology, there’s endless possibilities on where you can be and how you work.

Traveling the World

It’s such a magical thing to be able to wake up each morning in a new and exciting place. Never having to be anchored down to one city for too long. One of my favorite experiences was backpacking Europe while managing a team of editors. All I needed was my laptop and a hard drive.

I typically spent my mornings, down times and occasional evenings reviewing and editing videos. There is a large shift in giving team members the autonomy to complete tasks rather than just drive the hours worked. This increases productivity and the employee’s overall satisfaction with their work.

Flexibility to Work From Home

If you’re a parent to young children, it can seem impossible to juggle both work and parenting. Waking up early as the kids rise all the way to putting them to bed takes a lot of effort and time. Add in a full time job and you’ll find yourself debating back and forth between staying at home or hiring childcare.

The ability to work remotely lets you ease the transition from parenting to work. You get flexibility for scheduling appointments and taking the kids to school. This isn’t a full solution though as it is a difficult task to transition between two extremely different tasks. Finding the space and time to work can also be difficult, as seen with this viral video of a dad on a BBC call when his two kids crash the interview.

No Commute Times

When you’re able to work when and where you want, you end up saving a lot of time. You can choose when you want to leave to work or take meetings which means you don’t have to compete with everyone else to get to work by 8am. I’ve broken my days up to meeting days and work days. This means that the extra time it takes to get ready for the day is confined to specific days of the week. Although it may seem only a couple of days a week, it can add up to a lot of lost time especially if you’re already juggling a busy schedule.

Deliberate About Your Community

As mentioned previous articles, working from home can often times be very lonely. As a remote worker, you’ll have to be deliberate about creating your community. Coworking spaces are a great alternative. You tend to be more productive and can choose to be social whenever you want. It can be hard to make the transition to working at home or getting back in the workplace. Coworking spaces let you take it at your own pace.


Top Austin Coworking Events for the Holidays

With the holidays around the corner, everyone’s social calendars are filling up. Make sure you don’t miss these fun events at these local coworking spaces around town!

Hallie Rae Ward on East Austin Studio Tour (location #183) @Createscape Coworking | November 17th, 2018 |11am-6pm

This will be my 5th year to show with them! They are an incredible coworking space full of creative and friendly people. They are very supportive of the arts! They have different space options to fit your needs! “Work better. Get out of the house and away from that packed coffee shop. There’s a smarter way to create.”

Dadageek Student Showcase @Atmosphere Coworking | November 24th, 2018 | 6pm-9pm 

Join dadageek for an evening of digital artwork, music technology, and performances created by students from our Fall 2018 classes. Our students have spent weeks exploring tech-art subjects ranging from analog synthesizer design to creative coding and will be presenting their creations for the public to experience, listen to, and interact with. This showcase will feature the many facets of dadageek, including handmade analog synthesizers, interactive video installations, and new media performances.

Breakfast at Duo Works | November 27th, 2018 | 8:30am-10am

Enjoy complimentary coffee, breakfast tacos, tea, and great conversation. Come and check out our coworking, office, and event space! Network with other small business leaders and connect!

Founders Live Austin @Capital Factory | November 28th, 2018 | 6pm-9pm

Founders Live is an unforgettable happy hour competition sweeping the country where up to five handpicked companies take the hot seat, with only 99 seconds to pitch their company and describe their value proposition in front of an eager audience. After the pitches and audience Q&A, the crowd will vote on a winner who will not only receive an award, but recognition from the crowd and also the opportunity to talk more about their product or service. Bring your friends and coworkers, grab some food and drink, get to know your local entrepreneurs and vote for what you think will be the next big thing… built in Austin.

Open House at The Center of Social Innovation Center | November 30th, 2018 | 2pm-5pm

You’re invited to explore The Center for Social Innovation on November 30th as we opening the doors to the public and share the incredible work being done at our 10-acre campus! Come meet the faces of innovation during our interactive open house. You’ll also get a sneak peek at Relay Coworking, the future home of innovation in Austin!

Pirate Republic Presented By MegaGame Texas @Orange Coworking | December 1st, 2018 | 9:30am-5pm

A MegaGame is a day-long event where dozens of players come together to all play the same story in the same game. It is a unique blend of role-playing, board gaming, diplomacy, and deduction, all done live, offline, and in-person. Games include dealing with the appearance of aliens, overthrowing a powerful emperor, defending a city against zombies, and establishing a pirate government.

FoundingAustin Release Party: Founders, Football & Filanthropy @Work Well | December 2nd, 2018 | 2pm-6pm

The countdown is on to foundingAUSTIN’s Release Party for Issues 8 + 9! Get ready for game time because we’re kicking off the giving season with double the fun, releasing two issues of the magazine.

Join us to celebrate on a Sunday afternoon full of complimentary food from Pluckers, drinks courtesy of Bogart’s Spirits, football on the big screen, musical guests Reed Turner & Courtney Santana and so much more at Work Well Coworking on December 2 from 2:00-6:00pm.

The Refinery: Your Everyday Inspiration

Austin is known as Silicon Hills, the other hub for tech companies. You’ll find a slew of tech businesses downtown, Eastside and the Domain but what if you’re looking for a space but aren’t tech? That was the problem Hayley Swindell, founder of The Refinery, found when she started her subscription box company. Many small retail shops with consumer packaged goods and artists are left without a place to go. In an article from Austinot, Hayley explains,

“The Refinery grew out of what I needed for my previous subscription box company,” Swindell explained. “It was growing, but I wound up not having a lot of the resources I needed to showcase my products. I didn’t have the right lighting for my photos, and I didn’t have any gear or props. I had to use the same plant in every product’s photo. Running this company out of my apartment wasn’t going to work, but there weren’t many options at the time.”

A Beautiful Space

When I first walked into The Refinery, I noticed the attention that was given to building this space. In film there is a term called mise en scène which is an expression used to describe the design aspect of a theatre or film production, which essentially means “visual theme” or “telling a story”—both in visually artful ways…” Every part of the scene is specifically chosen to drive a theme. I feel The Refinery’s attention to detail provides a deliberately beautiful space. 

Easy Inspiration for Artists

It’s easy to understand why makers, creators and artists flock to The Refinery. With downtown saturated by techies, it’s a breath of fresh air to walk into a space that’s different. The space has a very feminine feel but caters to all. It reminds me of my experiences at Anthropologie, where I walk in not because I want to buy anything but because it’s so well designed that it changes my mood every time I walk through their store. Art can invigorate the heart and mind.

Why Cowork Here

The space is brightly lit with fresh white, brick walls with subtle earth tones throughout. I particularly enjoyed how there were several small nooks and spaces to work. If you ever need a photography set up, look no more. They have a dedicated photography studio on the first floor (Canvas). Canvas is used during the evening for events and top floor is for coworking and private offices.

One of the more interesting benefits of coworking at The Refinery is that you can display your retail products. There’s tons of art, clothing and jewelry that other businesses and walk ins can check out. Logistically this helps businesses find the best display options that work for their products. You’re able to easily test out a concept without the risk of committing to a commercial lease.

Best of all, The Refinery is a great place to surround yourself with like minded people who are going through similar hurdles as you are. The space allows other businesses to support each other. Running a business is difficult so the better support group you have, the more likely you’ll get through it. Come check out their upcoming events and follow their blog (coming soon).

Top Coworking Blogs in Austin

Austin has a ton of resources to offer when it comes to starting and running a business. To help you navigate what your business may need, we’ve gathered the top coworking blogs. These topics range anywhere from local events to productivity hacks.

1. Link Coworking

This blog tops our list as it should be your go to resource (outside of when it comes to anything coworking. As mentioned in our recent blog about Link, you’ll know that the founder runs GUCC, a global coworking community. You’ll find articles like Productivity to the Max and tips on how to keep work life balance.

2. Meld Coworking

Like the Jennifer Lawrence of coworking, Kay Dee has successfully created a coworking space while still bringing in practical improvements based on her freelancing experience. The space is familiar like your neighborhood cafe. Something very relatable. You’ll find her active in Austin’s Facebook Groups–Austin Startups and Society of WE –and within the community. MELD’s blogs give tips on how to travel and work or uses for social media as an entrepreneur.

3. Techspace 

Techspace has 9 locations throughout the US so you’ll find their more broad content on coworking. If you’re not a millennial it’s no problem, Coworking Isn’t Just for Millennials. Keep up with trends in shared spaces and tips on working remotely.

4. Createscape

If you’re part of the Createscape community or are thinking of joining, you’ll want to keep track of this blog. With updates of community events, new features and additions to the space and productivity tips. The 3 year old coworking space has a close community feel that you’ll notice throughout their articles.

5. Capital Factory

With so much going on each day at Capital Factory, you could write a whole blog on the happenings. Which is exactly what you’ll find. The tech hub has even expanded to Dallas so you’ll get extra content. You’ll find everything from updates about new mentors and members to the latest events.

6. Impact Hub Austin

Impact Hub’s blog concentrates on social good with several global goals. This is the place to go if you’d like to find and stay connected to a community who shares the same ideals as you. Find updates on progress with fighting against slavery in Texas or meet the newest cohort of the affordability accelerator. If you’re not part of the social impact scene that’s ok. They also have content on tips on better coworking productivity and the best places in Austin for a staycation.

7. Soma Vida

Nothing creates a better work life balance than a community concentrated on wellness. Soma Vida’s blog talks about all things “wellness, business and passion.” Everything from healthy lunch ideas to meditation tips can be found here. They’ll also update you on the happenings in Austin but no matter where you’re at, you’ll want to check out this blog!

8. Social Innovation Austin

Whether you’re an entrepreneur interested in the social impact space or an employee at a non-profit, this blog is for you. You’ll find lots of interesting opportunities, intros to who’s who in the Austin social impact scene and how to scale your social impact to other cities.

9. Duo Works

Duo Works introduces you to it’s community with an intimate member’s spotlight a couple of times a week. You can learn about the other companies coworking there and see if it’s the right community fit. You’ll also find useful information on what to expect as a company relocating to Austin and productivity tips.

10. Global Blogs

Didn’t find what you wanted? No problem. Here’s a list of 60 coworking blogs to fill in any gaps these 9 local blogs don’t provide. These global blogs cover everything from thoughts about the future of work to a community of remote workers looking for best efficiency tips.