Is Coworking Right For You & Your Team?

A common question that many of us go through is whether coworking is right for us and/or our team. There’s a lot of factors that play into what makes a successful workplace. Before you sign up for a commercial office space or hole up at home, consider these pros and cons of coworking:

A Great Community

When it’s just you it can be pretty lonely. What better way to instantly create a sense of community by joining a coworking space. Most of these work spaces have an open floor plan. People naturally build friendships and workplace culture germinates when people are put together in one room.

Unfortunately you do tend to get less work done when you start to know everyone. A quick run to the bathroom could mean a 30 minute catchup with a friend. It’s always helped me to be goal oriented each day. That way I keep balance between getting work done and being social. I’ve also found that I tend to get more work done when I’m around other people.

Shared Costs

You can get a much nicer workspace and amenities since all the costs are shared amongst everyone coworking. Just like coops, the more people involved, the lower the overhead costs are. That means you get better equipment, spaces and snacks because it’s being split amongst a ton of people.

No Commitment as You Grow

Coworking allows people to test out spaces and learn what their/their team’s needs are before committing to something much larger. Commercial leases tend to be for up to 10 years unless you’re subletting on someone else’s lease. It doesn’t make sense if it’s early on and your finances aren’t as stable as you’d like. Many people choose commercial office space because they’re looking for a specific type of venue (commercial kitchen, warehouse etc). Nowadays, there’s so many spaces that provide that like Capital Kitchen that it’s easier to just cowork.

Coworking is also great for those who work remotely. When you’re not anchored to one place, it’s great to be able to go anywhere and still find a community. The flexibility to go from one person to up to 10+ people makes coworking worth it. You also get the added benefit of diversity of mindset. It’s easy for people to bounce ideas off each other who may not even be in the same company.

Is Coworking Right For You & Your Team?

One of the benefits of coworking spaces is that they let you test out the space before really committing. You can easily sign up for day passes online or just walk into a space and ask for a tour. Spend the rest of the day deciding if it’s the right place to start off. Lots of places also have flexibility in doing monthly memberships. That way you can give it some time to learn the community and location and see if it’s right for you.



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