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$60 Per month
  • Weekday access 9am – 8pm (until 4pm on Tuesdays)

At CRAFT, we strive for an environment that encourages divergent thinking without being overwhelming. Our creative clutter is contained on shelves — and offset by 20 foot ceilings, white walls, big windows and bright lights, green plants, and open space. As a coworker, you’ll have access to our craft supplies, so that when you get stuck on a problem or hit writer’s block, you’ll be able to play your way out of it.

At CRAFT, we don’t ask why. We ask, why not?


4704 E Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX 78702

Located less than 10 minutes from downtown, CRAFT can seat 40 crafters and accommodate up to 200 standing guests. Our studio features an open concept design that encourages creativity and provides easy access to an extensive library of DIY tools and supplies. For larger events, tables and shelves can be rearranged to create plenty of room to mix and mingle.