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$299 Per month
  • Coworking Pass

$867 Per month
  • Private Office

  • Access to shared spaces

$11,035 Per month
  • Workplace for your team

At CRAFT, we strive for an environment that encourages divergent thinking without being overwhelming. Our creative clutter is contained on shelves — and offset by 20 foot ceilings, white walls, big windows and bright lights, green plants, and open space. As a coworker, you’ll have access to our craft supplies, so that when you get stuck on a problem or hit writer’s block, you’ll be able to play your way out of it.

At CRAFT, we don’t ask why. We ask, why not?

Industrious San Jacinto Blvd

98 San Jacinto Blvd 4th floor, Austin, TX 78701

Located in downtown Austin, Industrious San Jacinto Boulevard is a modern workspace designed for collaboration and creativity. Here you’ll find plenty of workspace options whether you’re looking for a private office, meeting space, or coworking. Other building amenities include an onsite fitness center and a cafe. Enjoy the fresh air and scenery on the bike and walking trail that’s just steps away. With several bus stops nearby and a short walk or bike ride from Downtown Station, this location is very accessible via public transit. To experience a workplace that inspires your best work every day, visit Industrious San Jacinto Boulevard.