Must Have Coworking Amenities in Austin

No matter what city you live in, there’s always those must have amenities that keep you coming back. Austin prides itself in sourcing from local shops, being health conscious and keeping it weird. Therefore it makes sense that many coworking spaces in this city integrates these aspects into their work areas.

1. Organic and Local Snacks

It’s usually a given that coworking spaces will at least provide wifi and coffee. Austin coworking spaces like Capital Factory and Galvanize take it a step further and offer endless local coffee, coldbrew and beer on tap. Work Well East Austin emphasizes health and promotes it’s own companies’ goodies as well as local, healthy snacks. But what about when you’re starving and you don’t just want a healthy bag of popcorn? Local startup, Alpaca Market is now featured at specific sites around town including Impact Hub Austin (Monroe St.) and Capital Factory. They offer farm fresh foods on the fly.

Podcast Studio

With technology today, you’re able to access so much information within seconds. The podcast industry has blown up making it possible for you to curate exactly what you want to hear as you commute, wash the dishes or spend some time relaxing. For this reason the need for podcast studios grows. You’ll find a few unique podcast studios at places like Duo Works and Work Well East Austin. I wouldn’t doubt that more will pop up within the next year!


Balancing our lives and improving our health is often times a difficult task to juggle with our busy schedules. Thus having a full gym or free yoga classes at your workplace can make all the difference. You’ll find a full gym at Patchwork and an around-the-clock fitness center at WeWork University Park. Pop by Impact Hub (Monroe St.) for free yoga sessions (until Oct. 3rd). If you’re a yoga instructor or wellness provider, you can go to Soma Vida to host your classes. No matter how hectic work gets, you’re sure to rebalance yourself if you’re just steps away from a good work out.


This is for those working moms and dads out there who are tired of being stuck at home all day. Although it’s not a common amenity, it’s a game changer for many early families. Often times either the mom or dad chooses to stay at home to provide their new child the best child care but also sacrifice their own personal careers. Therefore having the option to get work done with your child close by opens a lot of opportunities. You can check out The Hive which provides coffee, coworking, child supervision and beer and wine. That sounds like a recipe for success to me!

Dog Friendly

To include everyone in the family, it would only make sense to include dog friendly coworking spaces. Austin is already known as an extremely dog friendly place so you can only guess that several places allow you to work with your pup. Your dog will feel at home when they visit Galvanize, Createscape, WeWork, Impact Hub or East Side Collective. You don’t have to worry about rushing home during your lunch breaks or speeding off after work to take your furry friend out anymore.


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