The Center of Gravity for Entrepreneurs

Suggesting that you’re the center of gravity of anything is a pretty hefty statement to make. It wasn’t until I first dove into entrepreneurship and started coworking at Capital Factory that I knew what that meant. I specifically chose the word “dove” in that that’s what Capital Factory allows you to do. Rather than being an upgrade from a coffee shop that allows you to work with other entrepreneurs, the massive space on the 1st, 5th and 16th floor of the Omni building allows you to quickly execute on the things you need and gives you access to mentors as you go through each stage of your business.

More than Just a Space

When I first started I didn’t know anyone in my industry and essentially just had an idea turned MVP. Working at Capital Factory was pivotal in building my network and learning from the best who have gone through the hurdles I was currently experiencing. With access to serial entrepreneurs like Josh Kerr and Acton Business School teacher and entrepreneur Dave Perry, you’re able to navigate the do’s and don’ts of building and growing your business.

With the caliber of experienced people going through you can only imagine that you’d likely bump into some great people in the kitchen. This is a place known for it’s network that spans outside of Austin and even Texas. With this in mind, it’s also a very active space that sometimes makes it difficult to get work done. This is actually a common problem for a lot of larger coworking spaces. No matter how much you try, you’ll likely bump into someone you know or should know on your trip to the bathroom. They have dedicated quiet areas (head down to the 5th floor to get real work knocked out) that you can hide in if you have to get work done but you have to be a bit strategic about it at times.

Is it Right For Me?

Capital Factory does a great job of offering resources and bringing together those in the tech and startup scene. If your company falls outside of that spectrum (i.e. crafts, retail, lifestyle etc) it may be better off for you to find a space that specializes in that. For those who have a tech or tech enabled company, whether just an idea or a growing team, this is the space you want to know.

They offer everything from a community membership, where you can get to know the network before you commit, to private offices for your team. Another one of the nice things about Capital Factory is that they offer a ton of free classes and panels that’ll help you navigate your company. You can also slowly dip your toes into the community before you make a bigger commitment in membership. The coworking space also actively works with startups with their accelerator program and has recently expanded to Dallas, Texas.

My best advice is check out the space and see if the culture fits you and your company. They have a ton of free opportunities to check out and tour.