Your Neighborhood Coworking Spot

I was skeptical at first when first approaching Orange Coworking as it’s situated right in the middle of a HEB shopping center. It’s a stark contrast to the fancy coworking spaces in downtown that it completely threw me off. It wasn’t until I starting working there that I understood the practicality and appeal of a neighborhood coworking spot.

Freelancers Do It Best

Just like so many other founders of coworking spaces, Shelley Delayne started Orange Coworking with a background as a freelancer. She knew the growing pains of freelancers and she knew her neighborhood. Orange Coworking is one of few accessible spots in South Austin, situated in Tanglewood Village. While talking with Shelley, I noticed the set of booths right next to us. As a previous freelancer myself, I have a certain fondness for booths.  I, like many other freelancers, have spent countless hours cranking out work at a restaurant or cafe booth. Bringing this into a space creates a sense of familiarity and comfort. These are some of the details that make Orange Coworking brilliant!

Coworking Space Next Door

One thing I immediately noticed about Shelley and the community that she’s created is that it’s a very welcoming place. I was promptly greeted with a smile by Laura who runs the front desk. It’s set up right next to HEB which allows you to easily grab things for lunch or pick up your week’s groceries on the way home. Orange Coworking was strategically placed in a shopping center in your neighborhood. It’s close by and you have easy access to everything you need. It makes sense to add this into your daily mix.

The space also has a kitchen so that you can heat your lunch that you packed, grab it next door, or snack from their community, donation based stash. It’s all about accessibility and Orange definitely has that!

If you’re not fond of the hot seats and want a dedicated space to set up your computer or bring a team, you can opt for dedicated desks. The open floor plan allows for versatile uses and needs. Situated right in the middle is a large conference room that you can host a large group of people. They even have yoga classes here on specific mornings!


Why Try Orange Coworking?

This is a wonderful place to start if you’ve become cooped up in your home while running your business. Stats also show that you’re 74% more productive when you cowork. I’ve personally found myself finding distractions while I’m home and often opt for coworking spaces when I need to concentrate.

Shelley talks about how she created Orange as an intentional safe space. It’s understood that people are here because it’s a quiet and allows you to spend time figuring out your business and get things done. For this reason, it’s a wonderful place for people who are learning how coworking can help boost their business. It’s not intimidating and allows you to explore the best plans and schedule that fits your life.

With such a welcoming community here, it’s easy to just drop by to check out the space. There isn’t any pressure to immediately sign up and you can take your time to get to know what fits you best. They have a week pass at a low rate that let’s you test things out before you decide if it’s right for you. If you’re in the South Austin area or just want a change in scenery, I highly recommend you to come out and see what Orange Coworking is all about!


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